Sound & Picture theatre production
He love what he do since he started doing it and never looked back
Sound Picture

The company Sound and Picture Ltd has more than 20 years of continuous operation in the field of television cinema and theatre.

It has a video and audio processing studio.

It has over 1000 commercials in its portfolio.

Since 2011, the company has added theatrical productions to its assets. He also works with COSMOTE HISTORY CHANNEL to produce historical documentaries.

Sound and picture Ltd has more than twenty years in the field of cinema, television and advertising.

Sound and Picture Ltd ONLY Sound and Image! Since 2011 has started theatrical productions in theatres of Athens and all over Greece.

For television, film and advertising productions we work with TV channels such as ERT, COSMOTE tv, RAY UNO as well as creative, artistic groups.

Our company has an image and audio processing studio. Cinema equipment such as cameras, lights and the sound are also available.

We make films & drama. Sometimes we win awards or cause controversies. After a long time, we love what we do since we started doing it and never looked back. Now flying the flag for the next crop of storytellers.