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The importance of libraries in the development and dissemination of culture is unique and invaluable. Libraries are the ark of the Greek intellectual reserve. Here the richness of the course of Greek thought through the centuries is recorded. It is a nursery of knowledge, where research, theoretical development, scientific research, and theological fermentation flourish. The main purpose of libraries is to transform this spiritual wealth into knowledge that is useful and accessible to the whole of Greek society.

In every library, when you come to know the priceless treasures it maintains, it offers real surprises and emotions, pointing to its great utility. In the hospitable areas of the libraries, they found refuge, as well as asylum, old versions of works by very important authors. They were thus saved from forgetfulness and are available for admiration by readers and scholars. The categories of books, their proper classification, their timing, their type, and even their binding, are, among many other, issues of an organized and multifaceted library.

Existence, especially of rare libraries, has contributed to preserving past knowledge, research, science, literature, art, politics and every cultural concept of the human community. Therefore, their role, purpose and contribution to man and progress are of no consequence, useful and useful. Cicero’s phrase is not accidental: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

Through these broadcasts, we will examine each Library individually, its foundation, its history and its significance in general, past, present and future.


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