Glorious Navy Ships

The history of the Navy indeed has no specific starting point. Its roots are lost in the depths of centuries of human history. In a geographical area where no point is more than 150 km from the sea, Greeks from prehistoric times developed coastal societies. There they learned to exploit marine resources and love the sea. The need for the protection and spread of the cultures they developed was automatically created, resulting in the gradual establishment of the first organized naval units of the Hellenic Area.

However, in 1987, on behalf of the Greek Navy, on the occasion of the Olympiad, the construction and demolition of an ancient Greek triad, named Olympias, was completed. Thus, there was a definitive end to many disagreements, both in terms of actual dimensions and the functionality of this type of vessel, in antiquity. Following the induction and subsequent tests, the performance of this triplicate was impressive. The ship managed to developed a cruising speed approaching nine knots, while sailing for four knots for hours with half the number of rowers rotating.

The documentary “Glorious Navy Ships” tried to revive the glorious past of five great ships for the Greek fleet, and of course, the three-headed Olympia could not be absent.

“The Greeks’ struggle for freedom, democracy, progress and peace was the trigger for the COSMOTE TV production series,” Glorious Navy Ships. Our vision was to return to the surface of historical memory with the support of the Navy, one of the most important boats that, with their live material, was instrumental in critical naval battles”, said director Panos Angelopoulos.